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WEKEY provides control of the entire operational cycle, including the development of custom solutions, delivery, equipment assembly and commissioning, integration with all accompanying services, and full-scale technical support. This allows us to optimize expenses, maximize efficiency, and maintain our leading position in the industry.

1. Developing solutions

Security solutions are developed based on specific customer requirements and expert evaluation of the infrastructure. A detailed plan for further implementation is then drafted. It takes into account both the provision of necessary screening equipment and any necessary construction.

2. Equipment delivery, assembly and commissioning

Within the scope of a project’s implementation, we take on all obligations for timely delivery, installation and commissioning of security equipment. Our service department specialists will also conduct a introductory meeting in order to ensure the client’s personnel know how to use the equipment properly.

3. Complex integration

The implementation of large-scale projects that entail several structures distributed throughout the facility require extensive security systems. Solutions offered by WEKEY allow for the implementation of complex multilevel security systems. Our company’s staff will create a unified network of technical equipment adapted for various types of security threats specific to different structures within the facility.

4. Service support

We are confident in the quality of our equipment, which is guaranteed by the manufacturer. However, we provide 24/7 support for facilities where it is necessary to ensure trouble-free operation of equipment. Our service department specialists will carry out round-the clock, qualified support in cases of equipment failure.