DTA – warning of high-density materials

DTA (Density Threat Alert) is a new function from the Rapiscan Systems Comapany, that allows automatically detect objects with high density during the baggage, parcels or cargo inspection.
While using this function, the system automatically in real-time mode detects high density material, marks them a specific color on a monitor and sends an alarm sound. Thus, an operator has no need to stop conveyor for additional baggage inspection, therefore, the inspection speed and capacity do not get reduced.
The threshold value of the permissible level of density and frequency of alerts are programmable parameters, and can be adjusted by the operator of X-ray equipment.
DTA is compatible and can work simultaneously with such functions like TIP (Projection of dangerous object), Target (Automatic detection of explosives) and NARCScan (Automatic detection of drugs).
DTA function can be used for all the 600-series models of the X-ray systems manufactured by Rapiscan Systems Company.

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